TwinPower 1000kVA Container Generator

TwinPower 1000kVA Container Generator

  • The TwinPower generator is a 20-foot containerized generator with two generators inside, making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs

  • Easy and flexible installation in prime or standby applications

  • TwinPower generator has two controllers, so you can easily parallel with other generators.

  • Fully loaded, theTwinPower generator offers two engines in a single container, solving load issues and reducing fuel consumption up to 40% on variable load applications


Key Feature

  • The Voltgent TwinPower Generator is a 20 ft ISO containerised unit housing two compact generators. This configuration, with its fast-paralleling system, allows the two generators to work independently or in parallelwith each other , providing multiple solutions and combinations between prime and standby use.

Optimized Fuel Autonomy and Low Noise Levels 

  • The centralized parallel package will switch off and on the power packs. When used on a variable load, the Voltgent TwinPower generator consumes up to 40 percent less fuel than single-engine solutions. 

  • The Voltgent TwinPower Generator are very compact generators with the additional benefit of variable speed fans, delivering hardly any noise.

Reduce Service Cost

  • The Voltgent TwinPower Generator is designed for oneside easy service. Its large access doors and custom service tools make maintenance effortless and assured uptime.

  • The Centralized Parallel Management System allows to extend service time, as one of the generators can be stopped according to load demand.

Excellent Performance 

  • Outstanding power density in an ISO20 container

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