Rental Construction

Rental Construction

Supplying a comprehensive range of diesel generator sets to a spectrum of customers including Rental Fleet owners around the world, Voltgent provides a one stop shop for your customers temporary power needs from immediate one off requirements to fully customised solutions. Voltgent diesel generator sets are fuel efficient, easy to operate and provide a flexible power solution.


We know fuel efficiency impacts your bottom line, so we have designed generator sets that offer fuel efficiency as standard. Additionally the product includes a 500L or 1000L extended capacity fully bunded fuel tank which offering protection against spillages which could be harmful to the environment.

Going the distance in any environment demands a robust, reliable product. The container canopy design make robust structure. What's more, you can select our fully galvanised - built to withstand the harshest on-site conditions.  Fully sound attenuated enclosures have excellent noise reduction making them suitable for residential projects, events and other local applications.

Relative Case Study

Voltgent Offering 120 units 500kW Generator with Container Canopy for Rental Company

Voltgent offering 120 units 500kW diesel generator sets for a rental company, the generator sets are housed in container canopy, which is stronger, more robust, and very easy to transport to any construction onsite.