InteliGen 200

A standard parallel gen-set controller


  • Synchronising - Optimize your gen-set usage or parallel different sizes and brands of generators

  • PLC - Utilise our unique, and easy to use PLC drag-and-drop blocks for configuration.

  • New design - Flexibility to change the application e.g. SPtM and MINT.

  • Built in AVRi - You no longer need a separate AVRi interface in your installation.

  • Plug-in modules - Customize your controller with our plug-in extension and communication modules.

  • 4G/LTE - Connect to your gen-set via 4G/LTE for alerts or use ComAp's WebSupervisor.

  • GPS - Always know the location of your gen-set using geofencing for theft or movement alerts.

  • InteliConfig - Our new configuration and monitoring PC tool (based on new LiteEdit) will offer you multi gen-set control and monitoring as well as easy set-up.

  • Remote Display available via InteliLite (IL3 family) controllers

  • Low Temperature version available (order code IG3200XXBLA)

InteliGen 200 is further offering:

  • Easy switching between parallel to mains or multiple genset applications

    • Multiple gensets in parallel to mains available together with InteliMains 210 controller

  • Two types of synchronisations: Phase Match or Slip Synchro

  • Two types of Load/VAr Sharing: Isochronous (CAN) or Droop, including Emergency Droop

  • Direct communication with EFI engines including Stage V and Tier 4 Final support

  • Total remote monitoring and control

    • InteliConfig for configuration, single genset or mutli genset/site monitoring

    • WinScope for precise tuning of PID regulators exactly according to gen-set type and application needs

    • WebSupervisor for cloud based monitoring and control of your whole gen-set fleet

  • Wide range of communication and connection capabilities including:

    • USB, CAN and RS485 on board

    • USB master for configuration or firmware upload or download

    • RS232 and additional RS485 via plug-in module

    • internet access using Ethernet, GPRS/3G/4G via plug-in modules

    • configurable Modbus RTU or TCP and support of SNMP protocols v2

  • Internal PLC support with PLC editor and monitor included in InteliConfig

  • Active SMS and emails in different languages

  • Geofencing and tracking via WebSupervisor

  • 2 x 5 A binary outputs for cranking and fuel solenoid, powered by separated E-Stop input

  • Option for additional inputs/outputs

  • Flexible event based history with up to 350 events

  • Load shedding, dummy load capability

  • Comprehensive gen-set protections

  • Multipurpose flexible timers

  • UL listed

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