The GAC ESD5500E Series speed controller is the latest generation of speed controllers that provide a range of functionality for genset and industrial engine applications. It is similar to ESD5100 but with the addition of fuel ramping/limiting to minimise exhaust smoke on engine startup.


Main features:

  • Multi-Voltage Units

  • Isochronous, Variable & Droop Operation

  • Adjustable PID

  • Idle Speed Adjustment

  • Auxiliary Accessory Inputs

  • Speed Ramping

  • Starting Fuel Control

  • Soft Coupling

  • EFC Forward Acting / Light Force Option

  • Throttle Body Gas Application Option

  • Anti-Windup Circuit Option

Provides ISOCHRONOUS, DROOP and VARIABLE SPEED modes of operation Provides 2 speed (IDLE/RUN) function Direct Auxiliary input for ILS LOAD SHARING MODULES and AUTO SYNCHRONISERS User adjustable P.I.D loop functionality to optimise the response of the prime mover. Built in starting fuel control to limit black smoke emission on engine start Soft ramping acceleration when changing from idle to rated speed or when starting the engine

Designed using the latest SMT (surface mounted technology) for greater steady state control and component reliability

Compatible with all GAC Actuators (EXCLUDING ACB2001)

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