Power Diesel Generator | Voltgent


  • High Reliability and Safety

  • Environmentally Friendly



  • Design, production and testing of the generator sets comply with EU CE safety standard;

  • Equipped with circuit breaker when engine stops in emergency for avoiding possible electric shock risk when 


  • The controller has a historical operation recording function for troubleshooting and inspection.


  • Excellent engines and alternators featured with strong power, high torque, quick start, easy maintenance and operation.

  • The canopies are made of high quality steel and powder coated. The paint is highly endurable against erosion and scratch, and strongly rustproof. 



  • Silencer and muffler pipe system effectively reduce the noise during operation, allowing for uninterrupted operations. 

  • Besides applying airproof rubber around the doors, the concept of noise reduction has also been fully integrated into the inlet/outlet and all other components.

  • The interior is lined with new type fire retardant and sound absorbing cotton, and the door is air proof with rubber that is designed for car doors use only, which helps absorb noise and heat during operation. 


  • Micro-processor cored digital system.

  • Multiple languages, automatic control.

  • Connected with the mains through ATS, which can help realize automatic transfer between the mains and the generators. Also, multiple generators can be paralleled for bigger power needs. 

  • Outer filling fuel port.

  • 8-12 hours base fuel tank in soundproof generator sets prevents against leakage and fuel spray when cleaning the interior. The fuel tank abides by European environment protection standards.

  • Drainage outlet.

  • Water feeder is located on top of the canopy.


  • The oil drainage pump is located in the side door for easy operation. 

  • New type waterproof door lock is easy to lock and open.

  • Clear labeling in visible positions, providing adequate information, safety presentation and convenience for operators. The labels are made of advanced materials, featured with excellent high-temperature resistance, rainproof and weatherproof performance. 


  • The daily maintenance work can be performed on both sides of the machine, and the wide doors allow easy access to all areas of the machine. 

  • An integrated waste drainage outlet located at the bottom of the machine makes it easier for regular maintenance. 

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