ComAp Controller AMF8

InteliLite 4 AMF 8: Controller for single gen-set applications


  Standby and prime-power application in one unit

  6 binary outputs, 6 + 1 binary inputs, 3 analogue inputs (U/I/R)

  +5V output reference for analogue inputs

  2 high-current binary outputs

  1 slot for extension plug-in modules (Modbus, Internet, SMS, inputs/outputs)

  Extension CAN modules

  ECU support (Tier 4 Final, Stage V)

  RTC with battery back-up (full calendar)

  Power over USB for controller configuration

 ‘Zero’ power mode

 True RMS measurement

In-built PLC, complemented with a PLC monitoring tool - InteliConfig

 Full remote communications support (AirGate 2.0, WebSupervisor)

Internet access using Ethernet/4G, Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP v1/v2c

Active SMS and emails

Detailed history log with up to 150 records

Compatible with remote display

User setpoints and protections

5 languages in the controller and Translator functionality

User Access Management

Cyber security improvement

Alternative configuration

Multi-purpose schedulers

3 maintenance timers

Modbus register mapping

Fuel pump management

Run Hours source selector

Cut-out: 172 mm × 112 mm

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