2020-06-08 08:00:00

China Unicom Data Center Generators: Powering 18x2000kW Units

Modern-day businesses run on data. In today’s world, it’s critically important for companies to gather and analyze information to best serve their customers and optimize their operations. The data industry is also helping to drive the global economy forward as companies all around

the world invest significantly in new tools, technologies and facilities to manage their extensive digital records.


China Unicom is one of biggest company offers reliable end-to-end global integrated telecommunication services and solutions. Recently, Chine Unicom build a big datacenter in China, significantly increases the company’s secure data storage capabilities in their China market. The new datacenter allows the company to manage and analyze huge amounts of information provided by its customers, suppliers and more.


18 highly customized Voltgent 2MW generators were engineered for the project, highlighting the benefits of Voltgent’s total system integration. Finally, the Voltgent’s solution identified as the ideal solution for the expansive new datacenter. The generators installed in parallel provide more than enough power to back up the center and its numerous advanced systems. The configuration also provides for redundancy and risk reduction to ensure the sensitive data remains safe, secure and accessible.